Integrated Weight Scale for Accounting & Others

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This project involved one of our clients that needed to measure items that they sell by weight. They wanted to be able to scan in the product and then have the system ask for a weight. Then put the item on the scale and have it input the weight in the quantity. We developed a method for this to happen. We found that using scales from provided the best results. The advantage of these scales is that they provide a PRINT button. This is what the user presses when ready to input the quantity. They also offer scales for all types of products even food items. We can provide the scales if you need a single sourced solution.

We then use our programming add-ons to allow the system ready this data when they user has placed the products on the scale and it is ready for input.  Our software just run sin the background and waits for the user to press the print button. Our software will work with application on your system not just Cougar Mountain Software.

We provide the setup consulting needed to make the scales and software work with Cougar Mountain.

Please find below the scale we have used for out food vendors:

Sample Food Scale

Total Cost for this project including the above scale, software, and consulting was: $569.00