Computer Team, Inc.

Computer Team, Inc. started in 1987 with the understanding that meeting our client's needs was far more important than meeting our vendor's quotas. We also realized many small businesses that would benefit from new technology. We recognized that many of these small businesses could not afford a full-time computer staff to implement these technology benefits. We think of ourselves as our client's computer department.

Company Profile

We meet with our clients, listen to their needs, ask probing questions as to the nature of the problems they have, and then utilize our entire staff's years of combined experience to develop creative, cost-effective solutions. Of course, the solution is only the beginning. We then help the client implement these solutions with hardware, software, programming, web design, installation, training, continuing support, and repair.

We continue to earn our client's business year after year with great employees, products, and services.


Computer Team, Inc. is always on the lookout for new talent to expand our client base and services to our clients. Please use the link below to apply with Computer Team, Inc.

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