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Happy 30th Birthday to Computer Team! 
July 1, 2017, Computer Team turned 30 years old. It really doesn't feel much older than 29 though. My staff and wife surprised me with a party at lunch today. I am very grateful for these relationships. Our long-lost programmer from Minneapolis and his lovely girlfriend even came down to help celebrate. Below you will see from left to right Wayne Swank Maintenance, Mike Belville Programming, Dave Belville Systems Engineer, Kyle Knott Support Specialist, Bev Smith Office Manager, Dennis Mote Systems Engineer, Dave Smith President, and Aimee Fagan Administrative Assistant.  Our best team ever!
Staff at 30 year party

Then there is my award for being here the whole 30 years!
30 Years of Service Dave Smith

Posted 12/09/2016 9:10 am

Our Road is Finally Opened!
You can now get to Computer Team, Inc. the same you have done it for the past 29 years. As many of you know our road to our offices was closed the day after Labor Day. Please get to our office the same way as in the past. Thank you to everyone that made the effort to get here during the construction in preparation of the new I-74 bridge. Thank you to all the construction workers for trying to speed this process along as fast as possible.

Directions from Grant Street: 
Stay in the left most lane and proceed to 10th Street, turn left onto 10th Street proceed to State Street, turn left on State Street and keep to the right and proceed to our new driveway.

Directions from State Street:
Stay in the right lane and veer off to State Street just after 10th Street to our new driveway.  

We are looking forward to seeing our customers soon. 


Posted 10/03/2016 10:50 am
Avast Antivirus has acquired AVG Technologies!:
Hello everyone;

In July, Avast signed and announced an agreement to acquire AVG Technologies. We are excited to inform you of the closing of the acquisition. We are now formally part of the ‘Avast family’.  

By combining the strengths of AVG and Avast under one company, we are even better positioned to address SMB (Small and Medium Business) security needs moving forward. We are taking the combined product capabilities from both companies, developing an even more powerful, integrated security portfolio. 
Avast is fully committed to our AVG Partners and customers towards our mutual success. Whether you use an AVG or an Avast product, you can be reassured of our continued support to help you achieve addressing the security needs. 
We will keep you updated on any changes as they occur. We see this as a great move because both companies have always been highly rated.

Posted 09/26/2016 10:15 am
Windows 10 upgrade might remove your preferred start menu!:

Hello everyone;
There is a windows 10 upgrade going around that removes the Classic Start menu that we have provided to most of our clients. The Classic Start menu makes your computer look like Windows 7 or Windows XP which makes it easier for you to use it. If you have had this issue just use the link provided here to update your system back to Classic Start.

Update Classic Start Here:

If you need further assistance with other issues after this update, please contact our helpdesk.

Posted 06/07/2016 11:00 am
Critical Virus Warning!!!!:
Hello everyone, this one is important.
There is a a new ransom ware virus hitting now that may be harder than ever to recover from. We have produced a PDF that documents the steps you should take to protect yourself and your companies from attack.

What happens when infected with Jigsaw?

Jigsaw Ransom Ware Survival Guide:

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